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Daniel is one of those models who appear and we no have idea when and how they got there. All of a sudden, I discovered that he was in training. As a model, Daniel catches your eye. He’s an unobtrusive and self-contained guy – we call him and not the other way around. He’s also very reliable. In contrast to many others, we can count on him to precisely follow through on any instructions he’s given – e.g. to eat better, work out more, or to visit the solarium. Daniel is currently studying at a University in Prague and, so far, we’ve had no problems with him. He’s only recently started to shoot with us. For the time being, he’s more of a bottom, but we’ll see how things progress. He may be inconspicuous [more]
Daniel Mathis
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 180
Weight: 77
Daniel Mathis
Daniel Mathis
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